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Consulting Services  -  Microwave Systems



We can provide a list of Services in the area of Digital Microwave System



  Radio Site selection; optimized according to the best compromise among propagation criteria, network structure, estimated implementation cost, accessibility.


*  Technical Site Surveys; (Point to Point Digital Radio, SDH, PDH, Full Packet) with Full MW Planning, including Link Budget, Antenna dimensioning, Performance evaluation, Multipath Analysis, Interference Analysis (Using HERALD Professional SW).


*  Field Installation Plan; based on quality, reliability and safety future field maintenance.


*  Advanced Analysis of (previous) Network Design; (Optimization of MW Network Planning, from any point of view (cost, effectiveness, reliability, performance; according to the operator’s requirement).


*  Microwave Equipments Selection; (from Main Manufacturers) suitable for Network implementation according to the traffic/services need and forecast.


*  Antenna design: reflector antenna, microstrip antenna, antenna array at microwave and millimetre waves; passive antenna components: OMT (orthomode transducer), polarizer, filter.



 Our Professional Team:  Maria Luisa Piovanelli,  Claudio Crini,  Luigi Moreno,  Enrico Pagana


 Australia & Pacific Area contact:  Steve Irwin


 South America contact:  Marco Túlio Möller de Freitas











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