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LUIGI MORENO – Dr. Eng.          E-mail :  l.moreno@radioengineering.it


Born in Torino (Italy) on July 15th, 1949

Laurea Degree in Electronics Engineering in 1972 at "Politecnico di Torino", Torino (Italy).


·         1973 - 1982: CSELT (Telecom Italia Research Labs., Torino, Italy) Radio Dept.; research projects on digital radio systems for terrestrial and satellite applications (modulation and interference problems; contracts with Telecom Italia, ESA/ESTEC, Telespazio, Italtel).


·         1982-1985: GTE Telecomunicazioni (Milano, Italy), R&D Radio Laboratory; propagation and regulatory (CCIR) issues in digital radio system design; responsible for field experiments on high capacity point-to-point radio equipments.


·         Since 1985: Radio communications consultant.  Founder (1996) of "Radio Engineering Services", based in Torino (Italy), active in the two areas:


o        Software development: PC applications for Radio System design, analysis and simulation; propagation modeling; automated testing;


o        Consultancy services in the Radio Communications field: fixed and mobile digital radio systems, radio propagation, antenna design, training in the above fields. Main assignments:


o        Design and simulation of Signal Processing functions in GSM receiver (Viterbi equalizer on a mobile multipath channel, without and with diversity; patents Europe/USA on interference canceller and diversity combiner);  further analysis of simplified (reduced -state) Viterbi receivers.

o        Development and upgrades of the DMLE Sw package (digital radio link design) under GTE Telecom contract.

o        Algorithms for optimum frequency assignments in point-to-point digital radio networks.

o        Technical and cost analysis of a VSAT network for a large bank company.

o        Contributions to the RACE-CODIT European project (CDMA cellular radio systems).

o        Development of a data acquisition system for field measurements on radio receivers and propagation analysis .

o        Feasibility study of a radio network for environmental data collection.

o        Computer Based Training Course on Radio Propagation.

o        Study on Quality of Service in P-MP radio networks for Wireless Local Loop applications.

o        Development of the HERALD Sw package (Point-to-Point radio link design).

o        Support to editing and revising documents for ITU earth station notifications.


·         Other Consulting and Professional activities:


o        Training courses (in Italian and English) at:

o        Scuola Sup. G. Reiss Romoli (Telecom Italia), L'Aquila (Italy)

o        Siemens Telecom, Milano (Italy)

o        Italcable, Roma (Italy)

o        Telespazio, Fucino and Lario (Italy)

o        ENEL, Torino (Italy)

o        Italtel Sistemi, Milano (Italy)

o        FIAT Engineering, Torino (Italy)

o        STET Hellas, Athens (Greece)

o        Elettronica Industriale (Mediaset Group), Lissone (Italy)

o        Essentia Telecom, Reggio Emilia (Italy)

o        Italian Army Telecommunications School, Chiavari (Italy)

o        Chevron Angola Oil Company, Angola

o        RAMBOLL, Esbjerg (Denmark)

o        SIRTI, Milano (Italy)

o        Sartelco, Vimercate (Italy)

o        Unaohm, Peschiera Borromeo (Italy)


o        Italian delegate at several CCIR (then ITU-R) meetings (1974-1989)


o        IEEE Senior member (1978-2005); IEEE Transactions Technical Reviewer (Communications and Vehicular Technology). AEI (Associazione Elettrotecnica Italiana) member.


o        Author of about thirty journal or conference papers.   A sample of journal and conference papers :


o        "Sensitivity of PSK modulation techniques to nonlinear distortion", IEEE Trans. Comm., May 1979.

o        "Spread Spectrum Systems: Theory and applications" (in Italian), Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni, Nov. 1980.

o        "Implementation imperfections in a DC-PSK on-board demodulator",  IEEE Int. Conf. Digital Satellite Comm., Genova, March 1981.

o        "Digital radio-relay systems for metropolitan areas operating at 19 GHz", IEEE Int. Conf. Comm., Denver, June 1981.

o        "Spectrum utilization in a digital radio-relay network", IEEE Trans. Electromagnetic Compatibility, Feb. 1982.

o        "Characterization and analysis of nonlinear distortions in a bandlimited 8PSK channel", IEEE Int. Conf. Comm., Philadelphia, June 1982.

o        "Field trial results of 140 Mb/s 16QAM digital radio under multipath propagation", IEEE GlobeCom, San Diego, Nov. 1983.

o        "Adaptive equalization structures in high capacity digital radio: predicted and observed outage performance", IEEE Int. Conf. Comm., Amsterdam, May 1984.

o        "Frequency diversity protection in digital radio with hitless switching", IEEE Int. Conf. Comm., Chicago, June 1985.

o        "Adaptive equalization in TDMA mobile radio systems", IEEE Vehicular Technology Conf., Tampa, May 1987.

o        "Maximum likelihood adaptive techniques in the digital mobile radio environment", Conf. Digital Land Mobile Radio Comm., Venezia, July 1987.

o        "An adaptive MLSE receiver for TDMA digital mobile radio", IEEE J. Selected Areas Comm., Jan. 1989.

o        "Adaptive equalization and Viterbi decoding for digital mobile radio systems", IEEE Globecom, Dallas, Nov. 1989.

o        "Evaluation of diversity schemes in TDMA digital mobile radio", IEEE Globecom, San Diego, Nov. 1990.

o        "A diversity receiver for the Pan-European mobile digital system", IEEE Vehicular Technology Conf., St.Louis, May 1991.

o        "Power control in CDMA systems: performance evaluation and system design implications", 3rd ICUPC, San Diego, Sept. 1994.


o        Author of two patents (Europe / USA) on mobile radio receivers :


o        “Space-Diversity Digital Radio Mobile Receiver and Relevant Method”, EP0477183B1 (Prior. 15/06/1989; Pub. 29/12/1993), US5297168A (Prior. 15/06/1989; Pub. 22/03/1994).

o        “Receiver for a Digital Radiomobile System with Cancellation of Isofrequency Interfering Signal having Same Modulation, and Relevant Method”, EP0506804B1 (Prior. 22/12/1989; Pub. 28/07/1993), US5349607A (Prior. 22/12/1989; Pub. 20/09/1994).



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