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ENRICO PAGANA – Dr. Eng.    E-mail : enrico.pagana@tin.it


Laurea Degree in Electronics Engineering at "Politecnico di Torino", Torino (Italy).


·         1973 - 1989: Research Engineer at CSELT (Centro Studi E Laboratori Telecomunicazioni, Italy’s main telecommunication research center). Deputy head of antenna department.  Main assignments:


o        Study and development of corrugated horns for ground station antenna (CEE action cost 25/2) (1974-1975);


o        Design and testing of the feeds of the east/west spot beam antenna and beacon antenna of Intelsat V satellite (Selenia Spazio contract) (1974-1978);


o        Design and testing of the feeds of Sirio satellite antenna (Selenia Spazio contract) (1977);


o        Design and testing of dual band and dual polarisation antenna for terrestrial radio link (Italian Telephone Company contract) (1979-1980);


o        Design and testing of radioastronomical antenna for 3K background cosmic radiation measurements (National Research Council contract) (1981-1982);


o        Electrical design and testing of new inflatable on board satellite antenna for land mobile communications and astronomical missions (European Space Agency contract) (1983-1985);


o        Electrical design manufacturing and testing of 20/30 GHz Italsat ground station antenna (Italian Space Agency, Alenia Spazio contract) (1985-1989).


·         1990 - 1995: Founder and Drector of F.P.M. Space S.r.l. where his main technical interest have been the following:


o        Design, manufacturing and testing of the feeds of MIMR satellite (Alenia Spazio contract);


o        Design, manufacturing and testing of a dual band microstrip antenna for land mobile communication (Elettronica S.p.A. contract);


o        Design and breadboarding of 35 GHz microstrip radar for automotive application (National Research Council contract);


o        Design and manufacturing of mm-wave radio telescope (National Research Council contract);


o        Technological assessment of the feeds of IVS mission (CSELT, European Space Agency contract);


o        Design of the mm-wave cosmic observation antenna of Planck mission satellite;


o        Design of the antenna and design, manufacturing and tests of the feeds for radioastronomical observation in italian antarctic base (ENEA contract).


·         Since 1995: Free lance with the following main activities:


o        Design and production management of antennas for terrestrial radio links for point-to- point and point-to-multipoint networks;


o        Design and testing of passive components of LFI instrument of Planck mission satellite;


o        Design, engineering and testing of base station antennas for mobile communications, GSM and UMTS;


o        Design of X-Ka coaxial feed for ground station antenna for Cassini Space explorer;


o        Design, manufacturing and testing of dual reflector and MSA sectored beam antennas at millimetre waves;


o        In charge of  approval of earth station and maritime antennas on behalf of Eutelsat S.A. (until 2009 )




o        Six patents and about fifty papers, invited included, in antenna field;


o        Marconi Prize of the International Institute of Communications;


o        Lecturer at University of Perugia, II University of Rome, Telecommunication School G. Reiss Romoli, Politecnico of Torino, University of Pisa, University of Milano.


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