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CLAUDIO CRINI - Dr. Eng.          Email  sidicomcr@gmail.com

Certified Guest Trainer, I&C Training Institute (Siemens Group)


Born in Cavriglia (Arezzo, Italy) on April 28th, 1950.

Degreed in Telecommunications Engineering, in Florence University, with special search-out in "Data Communications".  Employed, immediately after degree, as Secondary Technical School teacher and, contemporary, as researcher in Florence University.


·         1981 - Employed in G.T.E Telecommunications Spa as " Field Engineer " for Microwave Radio Link Systems.  Experiences during this time:


o        Planning, installation and commissioning of digital m.w. radio links for Italian PTT network.

o        Installation and commissioning of high capacity analog microwave radio systems in NIGERIA.

o        Planning for high capacity analog microwave radio system in MAROC.


·         1982 - Chief Executive Engineer for installation and commissioning of a MicroWave Radio System for Telephone and T.V. networks in IRELAND, (75 stations, linked in a 4 GHz and 6 GHz net).


·         1983 - Chief Executive Engineer for N.I.C.S.M.A. project (N.A.T.O. Communications Department for Europe). Activity: installation and commissioning of Digital M.W. Radio Systems, Optical Fiber Systems and Cable Digital Systems in SCOTLAND, BELGIUM, TURKEY and ITALY.


·         1984 - 1988 Employed in O.T.E. Radio communications Spa as Technical Project Manager for civil and military projects.  Among the major projects:


o        Air Traffic Control Radio Systems in two main NATO Radar Sites, in Italy.

o        Civil Air Traffic Control Radio Systems in several Italian airports.

o        Civil Air Traffic Control Radio System for C.A.O. (Civil Aviation Organization), Egypt.

o        Military Mobile Radio Systems for Italian Police.

o        Military Mobile Radio System for U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates) Police.


·         1988 - 1992 Employed in ELETCA Spa as Technical Director for Telecommunications Department.


·         1992 - Trainer for Ericsson, in Nigeria, on digital radio equipment, supplied to N.N.P.C.


·         1992 (second half) - Executive Site Survey Chief Engineer in Sudan, for the Digital M.W. Network Project, (part of the Pan African Telecommunication System, financed by E.E.C.), project related to 19 radio links backbone between Egyptian border and Khartoum.


·         1993 - Technical Consultant in IMART Srl. for installation and commissioning of E.N.I. Group Telecommunication Network.


·         1994 - Technical Consultant in ATP Srl. for installation and commissioning of ITALTEL / SIAE microwave radio systems  in Russia.


·         1995 (first half) - Executive Site Survey and Planning Chief Engineer, for the waterworks telecontrol radio system in Damascus (Syria), project Nuova Pignone S.p.A.(Rome).


·         1995 (second half) - Trainer for Siemens Telecomunicazioni S.p.A.


·         May 1996 - Nov. 1997  On the job Trainer for Italtel & Siemens Spa. in Siberia (Russia).


·         1998 - 2000  Trainer for Siemens S.p.A.


·         2000 - Certified Guest Trainer at the I&C Training Institute Cassina de' Pecchi (Milan) for Radio Networks; PDH/SDH Radio Systems; Transport Systems; Supervisory Systems


·         2000-2013. Working for Siemens / Nokia Siemens Networks: Training (mainly), commissioning supervision, IP and MW network planning, MW Network analysis for troubleshooting


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