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MARIA LUISA PIOVANELLI – Dr. Eng.       E-mail: marialuisa.piovanelli@fastwebnet.it


Born in Modena (Italy) on April 26th,1957

Degree in Electronic Engineering in 1983 at the University of Padua (Italy) with discussion on  “Radio auxiliary for landing”                                                                                


·         12/1984 - 06/1985: ITALTEL TELEMATICA (Milan - Italy) - Engineer in “Product Planning Dept.”


·         07/1985 - 09/1998: GTE TELECOMUNICAZIONI (Milan - Italy), later on become SIEMENS TELECOMUNICAZIONI, and then ITALTEL SISTEMI


o        till to 1992 in the “Proposal Dept.” as Engineer at the beginning, and later as Coordinator. Main activities:


·         preparation of technical proposals for transmission projects, generally microwave technology, including study of feasibility, project description and equipment lists;

·         technical support to the commercial area during negotiation with the customer (Post and Telecommunications Ministries and great public/private firms).


o        from 1992 to 1998 Responsible of’ “Survey Dept.” carried out in various countries: India, Philippines, Lebanon, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Algeria, Tunisia, Somalia, Guinea Bissau, French Guinea, etc.).  Main activities:


·         preparation of the proposals (costs and time scheduling) for the requested activities;

·         carrying out surveys (preliminary study with maps, field check of geographic data, choice of repeaters location, study of path profiles, network dimensioning, frequency plan, definition of installation materials and collect of logistic information useful to plan and organize installation activities);

·         evaluation and solution of propagation and interference problems of existing systems.


·         10/1998 - 12/2005: TIM Telecom Italia Mobile (Rome - Italy)


o        till to 2002 Transmission Professional, Responsible of Start-up Transmission Projects of:


·         Amena (GSM operator in Spain)  10-11/1998;

·         Maxitel (TDMA operator in Brazil)  12/1998 – 05/2001

·         TIM Perù (GSM operator in Perù)  11-12/2000

·         TIM Brasil (GSM operator in Brazil)  06/2001 – 12/2002

·         Main activities:

o        planning of the transmission network;

o        economic evaluation to choice the solutions to adopt;

o        drawing up of the technical specifications for radio equipment supply;

o        maintaining contacts with the equipment suppliers and the leased lines suppliers


o        from 01/2003 to 12/2005 Transmission Professional in “Special Projects and Networks Dept.”, working on the WLL project in Italy, taking care of the development of the network in the areas with Alcatel technology. Main activities:


·         check of works progress;

·         study of technological evolution;

·         check congruence between planned network and budget availability;

·         drawing up installation norms.


·         07/2006 - 2014: LCC (Milan - Italy) - Consultant with contract for different projects/customers


o        LCC in Rome, Trainer in Project of Transmission Network for LCC engineers;

o        SELEX in Florence, Turin and Lamezia Terme making project of Transmission Network and Training on the Job;

o        WIND in Mestre, making project of Transmission Network;

o        ERICSSON in Rome, making:


·         project and optimization of Transmission Network for Cellular Operator H3g;

·         evaluation of technical and economic opportunity to use new MW equipment in existing network;

·         check of works progress in substitution of leased lines with MW Equipment.


o        TELECOM ITALIA in Neaples, making project of Transmission Network;

o        VODAFONE in Padua, Project and optimization of Transmission Network with Adaptive Modulation Equipment.


·         01/2009 - 07/2009: ARIA S.p.A. (Todi - Italy) - Consultant with contract for a project. Coordination of the activities of the MW equipment suppliers, relating to planning of transmission network for WiMax project. Main activities:


·         drawing up of planning specifications;

·         evaluation of nominal and detail projects;

·         maintaining contacts with Ministry of Telecommunication in order to obtain Mw link frequency assignment;

·         drawing up of the technical specifications for radio equipment supply;

·         check of works progress;

·         budget drafting;

·         contribution to set-up a tool to manage the process of acquisition/project/starting up of the network.



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