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Video Courses

Point-to-Point Radio Link Design


A set of Courses with Video Lessons, Complementary (pdf) material, Design Examples and Final Test, covering the main topics, from Free Space Propagation and Basic Radio Link Equation, to Path Analysis, Obstructions, Multipath Fading and Rain Attenuation. 

The motivation of this Training Program is to present fundamental phenomena in Electromagnetic Wave Propagation as well as Engineering Rules and Guidelines, as a useful background in the design of Point-to-Point Radio Links.

Following the Courses, you'll get a basic understanding of Radiowave propagation, moving then to applications in Radio Link Design, with the introduction of the most popular models for path obstruction, rain attenuation, multipath etc.  This allows a critical analysis of model options and of computed results.

Finally, at the end of each Course, a design example is presented, using the HERALD Sw, to show a practical application of the previous lesson.


   Course List :


BD10264_  Introduction & Basics


BD10264_   Path Analysis, Obstructions


BD10264_  Multipath Fading


BD10264_  Rain Attenuation



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P-P Radio Link Design Software


A PC program for Windows that assists the Radio Engineer in the design of Point-to-Point Microwave Links and Networks, in the frequency range from 450 MHz up to 90 GHz


HERALD (HElp for RAdio Link Design) is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool, covering the gap between simple spreadsheet computations and sophisticated (high cost) design suites.


Main Functions :


BD10264_  Site/Hop Configuration;


BD10264_  Link Budget; Path Profile Analysis (clearance, reflections);


BD10264_  Multipath Outage; Rain Unavailability;


BD10264_  Interference analysis;


BD10264_  Passive repeaters;


BD10264_  One-click access to Background Theory.


Significant Features :


BD10264_  Import of SRTM (NASA) terrain maps, and of ASTER (NASA/METI, Japan) maps


BD10264_  Interface to Google Earth to import / export network topology


BD10264_  Update to the most recent ITU-R Recs (P.530, P.838, P.527 ...)


BD10264_  Comparison of predicted performance with ITU-R or North America performance objectives


BD10264_  Reading Antenna diagrams from NSMA (ASCII) files


BD10264_  Crane rain attenuation model (in addition to ITU-R model)

HERALD también habla Espanol   -   HERALD também fala Português

Choice of output document language (English, Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian)



HERALD key benefits:


BD10264_  Easy-to-use approach to the design of p-p (multi-hop) mw links and networks


BD10264_  Customized equipment / antenna libraries


BD10264_  Google Earth interface to import radio site positions and to export radio network topology to Google maps


BD10264_  Reliable design guidelines and propagation models (ITU-R, Bell Labs, Crane, ITM Longley-Rice)


BD10264_  Path profiles from NASA/SRTM or ASTER maps (free download, 1 or 3arcsecond raster resolution)


BD10264_  ITU-R and North America standards for performance objectives


BD10264_  Highly productive, interactive, user-friendly environment


BD10264_  Examples and exercises quickly available and fully explained


BD10264_  High quality, comprehensive design documentation, printouts and diagrams


BD10264_  Extensive context-sensitive Help, one-click access to background theory



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