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Free Video Courses  -  P-P Radio Link Design



*   COURSE ACCESS:  Courses are totally FREE.  Please Register at your First Access. You can organize your training at your own pace and according to your needs.

*   COURSE MOTIVATION AND OBJECTIVES:  The motivation of this Training Program is to present fundamental phenomena in Electromagnetic Wave Propagation as well as Engineering Rules and Guidelines, as a useful background in the design of Point-to-Point Radio Links.

Following the Courses, you'll get a basic understanding of Radiowave Propagation, moving then to applications in Radio Link Design, with the introduction of the most popular models for path obstruction, rain attenuation, multipath etc.  This allows a critical analysis of model options and of computed results.

Finally, at the end of each Course, a design example is presented, running a user-friendly Sw tool, to show a practical application of the previous lesson.

*   WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  This training program can be of interest to:

*  Students and beginners in Point-to-Point Radio Link Design

*  Radio Engineers already using Software design tools, but wishing to find fresh motivations and notions underlying their work.

It is assumed that students are somewhat familiar with basic notions in radio equipment and systems, as well as in elementary electromagnetic physics.



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