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Video Courses

Point-to-Point Radio Link Design


A set of Courses with Video Lessons, Complementary (pdf) material, and Design Examples , covering the main topics, from Free Space Propagation and Basic Radio Link Equation, to Path Analysis, Obstructions, Multipath Fading and Rain Attenuation. 

Following the Courses, you'll get a basic understanding of Radiowave propagation, moving then to applications in Radio Link Design, with the introduction of the most popular models for path obstruction, rain attenuation, multipath etc.  This allows a critical analysis of model options and of computed results.

Finally, at the end of each Course, a design example is presented, using the HERALD Sw, to show a practical application of the previous lesson.

Course List :


BD10264_  Introduction & Basics

BD10264_   Path Analysis, Obstructions

BD10264_  Multipath Fading

BD10264_  Rain Attenuation


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P-P Radio Link Design Software


A PC program for Windows that assists the Radio Engineer in the design of Point-to-Point Microwave Links and Networks, in the frequency range from 450 MHz up to 90 GHz


HERALD (HElp for RAdio Link Design) is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool, covering the gap between simple spreadsheet computations and sophisticated (high cost) design suites.


Main Functions :


BD10264_  Site/Hop Configuration;


BD10264_  Link Budget; Path Profile Analysis (clearance, reflections);


BD10264_  Multipath Outage; Rain Unavailability;


BD10264_  Interference analysis;


BD10264_  Passive repeaters;


BD10264_  One-click access to Background Theory.


Significant Features :


BD10264_  Import of SRTM (NASA) terrain maps, and of ASTER (NASA/METI, Japan) maps


BD10264_  Interface to Google Earth to import / export network topology


BD10264_  Update to the most recent ITU-R Recs (P.530, P.838, P.527 ...)


BD10264_  Comparison of predicted performance with ITU-R or North America performance objectives


BD10264_  Reading Antenna diagrams from NSMA (ASCII) files


BD10264_  Crane rain attenuation model (in addition to ITU-R model)

HERALD también habla Espanol   -   HERALD também fala Português

Choice of output document language (English, Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian)



HERALD key benefits:


BD10264_  Easy-to-use approach to the design of p-p (multi-hop) mw links and networks


BD10264_  Customized equipment / antenna libraries


BD10264_  Google Earth interface to import radio site positions and to export radio network topology to Google maps


BD10264_  Reliable design guidelines and propagation models (ITU-R, Bell Labs, Crane, ITM Longley-Rice)


BD10264_  Path profiles from NASA/SRTM or ASTER maps (free download, 1 or 3arcsecond raster resolution)


BD10264_  ITU-R and North America standards for performance objectives


BD10264_  Highly productive, interactive, user-friendly environment


BD10264_  Examples and exercises quickly available and fully explained


BD10264_  High quality, comprehensive design documentation, printouts and diagrams


BD10264_  Extensive context-sensitive Help, one-click access to background theory



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